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"In a world of rigidity and inflexibility, these woman prove that a kind and loving approach gets the job done just as effectively."

Linda Bach, MD
University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital

"Challenges Treatment Center specializes in the treatment of chronic relapse from addictive as well as co occurring mental health disorders on the level of care of full day treatment with community housing and out patient treatment. Linda Potere and her company Seacrest Resource Center have provided specialty health care management services for our treatment center for the past 12 years ( since our founding ) in the areas of quality assurance, JCAHO accreditation, compliance management and licensing. Prior to that, in other health care ventures that I was connected with we also utilized her services in the same specialty areas of expertise. I can say without reservation that her company has exhibited excellence in their provision of these services; Seacrest has always maintained a very high level of professionalism, competence, and dedication in the performance of its responsibilities. Her company has at all times provided top notch services to our organization and I would highly recommend Seacrest Resource Center to any health care organization. We have been extremely satisfied with the services of Seacrest Resource Center and we look forward to continuing with our relationship with Seacrest in the future."

Dale Redlich


Challenges Treatment Center

"The process of accreditation was one that helped us to become the best that we could be with the help of our consultants."

Aidelyn Lopez, CEO
Homestead Behavioral Clinic

"Without these women, we would have been swimming upstream with no idea of where we would end up."

Manuel Menendez, CEO
Safe Passage Community Mental Health Center


"We opened our first treatment center in October of 2007 – we had a solid and dedicated staff that was good at their craft, and a desire to do good in the community. The only thing that we were lacking was the level of expertise in licensing issues that can only come with the years of experience that Linda and her entire staff at Seacrest bring to the table. We knew that we were on the right track, but Seacrest could confirm this with certainty when it was true, and could help us identify the areas where we needed to make tweaks. I am proud to say that not only did the launch of our first facility go well, but with Seacrest’s guidance and our dedicated staff, we were able to open a second facility in March of 2009, a facility that passed our initial state licensure inspection with a grade of over 99.9!"

Jerry Haffey, CEO

The Ambrosia Treatment Centers


"The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches is a full service addictions and dual diagnosis facility in Lake Worth, Florida. Based on our past professional experience with Seacrest Resource Center, we selected them to assist with our license application, Joint Commission Accreditation, and our Policy M

We unconditionally recommend Seacrest.

Bill Russell


The Treatment Center


"Milestones In Recovery offers residential and outpatient programs for individuals with eating disorders as well as the mental health and substance related issues often accompanying them. Having been associated with, and operating under the licensure of two established programs in South Florida since 1998, we recently contracted with Seacrest to help us gain our own licensure and accreditation. As a unique “specialty program” we required a myriad of materials to fulfill the requirements to qualify for a mental health license to provide all the levels of care we offer. In addition, we were also limited as to the time we had to obtain our license and accreditation or risk suffering significant financial consequences.


Seacrest was able to guide us through the entire process without any hitches. We were granted licensure from Florida in August of 2008 and full Joint Commission Accreditation in February of 2009. We are currently in the process of finalizing our application to obtain licensure to provide substance abuse treatment and, of course, are utilizing Seacrest to manage our application and compliance requirements. Seacrest continues to provide oversight on all our regulatory responsibilities and will likely do so for some time to come. In brief, Milestones has joined the list of satisfied customers."


Marty Lerner, Ph.D.

CEO, Milestones In Recovery, Inc.

"Creative, dynamic and talented..."

Jonathan Huttner, CEO
Preferred Health Care

"This company made the journey pleasurable while always keeping the destination in sight."

Gale Greenberg, JD, MSW, PA
Private therapist and adjunct professor
Florida International University

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