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One of the core components Millenium Behavioral Health Care offers is the implementation to Behavioral Health Providers of KIPU Electronic Medical Record or (EMR) keeping.  Electronic Medical Record (EMR) s a digital version of a paper chart in a clinician’s office, treatment center or psychiatric hospital. It contains the medical and treatment history of the patients currently in treatment. An EMR allows a clinician to track data over time, easily identify which patients are due for treatment services, check how patients are doing on certain parameters such as treatment goals or medication management and improve overall quality of care regardless the level of care your patient is in .

An Electronic Medical Record -EMR is said to make the process of patient record-keeping easier, more accurate, efficient and comprehensive.  Clinicians and Facility Staff  using Millenium Behavioral Health Care specialized software,  allows them to enter information electronically and makes and patient’s complete treatment  history available immediately.  Physicians can use a desktop, laptop or electronic clipboard to navigate though patients’ charts and record notes.

EMRs are one of the best ways to boost patient safety, manage chronic mentally ill and relapser, and improve the efficiency and outcomes of the treatment center / psychiatric hospital.

Additionally, the use of Electronic Medical Record - EMRs is now being encouraged by the federal government through the release of its “Meaningful Use” standards, released in 2010. These standards outline a set of EMR use requirements for behavioral health providers who wish to be eligible for payments through Medicare and Medicaid.  In the future, behavioral health hospitals not in line with the requirements of Meaningful Use will be penalized.

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