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groupsessionSeacrest’s work was superb. Everything went like clockwork…our license was granted February 3, our Joint Commission accreditation was approved February 4, and we opened for patients February 5. Seacrest continues to provide support for our license, Joint Commission, and quality management.
We unconditionally recommend Seacrest.
Bill Russell, CEO
The Treatment Center

Behavioral Healthcare Clinical and
Management Policy and Procedures

Millenium Behavioral Health Care can customize all your behavior health care organizations policies and procedures.  We offer a complete nine manual set of management policies, procedures and forms to build an effective Behavioral Healthcare service system based on best practices for your entire organization. These policies and procedures comply with The Joint Commission and Medicare. The clinical policies can be geared for Community Health Centers, Partial Hospitalization, Outpatient, or Residential Substance Abuse and/or Mental Health Facilities. 

The Manuals include:

  • Leadership
  • Provision of Care/Clinical Policies and Procedures
  • Medication Management Policies and Procedures
  • Nursing
  • Environment of Care Policies and Procedures
  • Housekeeping
  • Emergency Management
  • Dietary
  • HIPPA/Security
  • Surveillance of Prevention and Control of Infections (Infection Control)
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Credentialing and Clinical Responsibilities/Privileges
  • Management of Information (Medical Records & HIPAA)
  • Performance Improvement Plan

This package is an Incredible Value !!!

The Behavioral Healthcare Policy and Procedures Series is a collection of fourteen policy and procedure manuals: 

  • Leadership $ 795
  • Provision of Care/Clinical $ 795
  • Nursing $495
  • Medication Management $ 795
  • Environment of Care $795
  • Emergency Management $795
  • Housekeeping $ 495
  • Dietary Services $795
  • Human Resources $ 895
  • Infection Control $ 695
  • Management of Information $ 595
  • HIPAA & Security $495
  • Credentialing & Clinical Responsibilities /Privileges $ 495
  • Performance Improvement Plan $ 495

Total Price: $ 9,430

Save Time Developing Your Facility Procedures

You will save countless hours researching, writing and editing documents while helping you cut your development time in half. This Management Procedures Value Series includes complete procedure manuals for Leadership, Provision of Care/Clinical Policies and Procedures, Medication Management Policies and Procedures, Environment of Care Policies and Procedures, Surveillance of Prevention and Control of Infections (Infection Control), Management of Human Resources, Credentialing and Clinical Responsibilities/Privileges, Management of Information (Medical Records & HIPAA), Performance Improvement Plan, and many more. 

Speed the Development of Your Clinical and Management Policies and Procedures

Take advantage of our extensive "Best Practices" research, easy to use MS-Word files that are simple to edit, customize and a thorough and consistent format that improves usability and document navigation. 

Develop Your Clinical and Management Procedures with Confidence and Ease

To order this eight manual CEO Management Procedures Series today and save $2,100 over the individual manuals purchased separately and/or to receive a more information, contact Linda Potere at (954) 695-6847 or (888) LPOTERE.

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