The benefits of working with Millenium Behavioral Health Care???  We are a true One-Stop Provider! From facility start up to paperless electronic record keeping, licensers, accreditation, compliance and outcome. One call to Millenium Behavioral Health Care and we can do it all.   

Some of the benefits your organization will receive working with Millenium Behavioral Health Care:

  • Community confidence in your facility increases when you meet the national standards set forth by health care professionals.
  • Millenium Behavioral Health Care stimulates your organization to improve its quality.
  • Millenium Behavioral Health Care provides staff education.
  • Speeds up third-party payments.
  • Positive effect on liability premiums.
  • Improve consideration for Manage Care Contract and In-Network Providers

Contact us to learn more about the benefits Millenium Behavioral Health Care can offer to your company or organization.

Millenium Behavioral Health Care - Our Clients 


cirleteam"Seacrest has always maintained a very high level of professionalism, competence, and dedication in the performance of its responsibilities. Her company has at all times provided top notch services to our organization and I would highly recommend Seacrest Resource Center to any health care organization."
Dale Redlich
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